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15 reason NOT to panic about back pain

Written by Michael Buna.

chiropractor Dr Micheal BunaFrom Dr. Michael Buna

Why NOT to Panic About Back Pain

Sometimes I get my inspiration by reading the work of other practitioners. This 15 point list helps you to know what is normal for your back, and why not to panic when you have back pain. If you have questions, want to talk about any of these points, or your concerns about your back, I would be happy to meet with you. Call the office at 250 384 2412

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Fifteen facts about back pain

  1. Back pain is common and normal.

  2. Scans are rarely needed.

  3. Interpreting scans should come with a health warning.

  4. Back pain is not caused by something being out of place.

  5. Bed rest is not helpful.

  6. More back pain does not mean more back damage.


  7. Surgery is rarely needed.

  8. Schoolbags are safe - worrying about schoolbags might not be.

  9. The perfect sitting posture may not exist.

  10. Lifting and bending are safe.

  11. Avoiding activities and moving carefully does not help in the long-term.

  12. Stress, low mood and worry influence back pain.

  13. Exercise is good and safe.

  14. Persistent back pain CAN get better.

  15. Poor sleep influences back pain.

Read the whole article written by 3 medical doctors in Ireland at the website

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