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Can Health Care Professionals, Such as Chiropractors, Be Educators?

People will sometimes put off coming in to see me, a chiropractor, because “The pain isn’t that bad” or “Something doesn’t feel quite right, but it will get better in a few days.”

A young man came in a few weeks ago, a rower, who had been experiencing limitations with upper back movement and his shoulder for more than a month. “My back hurts sometimes” “I get headaches after rowing” “Sometimes I can’t feel the fingers of my arm when rowing.” As none of the symptoms lasted too long and could be managed with over the counter medications, he assumed that all was going fine.

When he finally arrived in my office, he couldn’t stand up straight or breathe easily, he couldn’t participate in normal daily activities. At this level of inconvenience and discomfort, he decided it was time to seek help.

So now I ask you, how many times have you waited through the lower levels of pain and inconvenience until “YOU COULDN’T STAND IT ANY MORE!” 

A show of hands?

A study I read recently reported that workplace injuries decreased after employees were taught by chiropractors on how to avoid common workplace injuries1. That’s correct – the chiropractors were the educators! Meaning that a visit to a health care professional, such as a chiropractor might prevent injuries as well as help us heal from injuries.

It’s time to re-frame the way we take care of our bodies?

As we move forward in life, and continue living our 21st century lives filled with activities, maybe we need to take advantage of professionals such as chiropractors, people who know how to take care of our bodies, both before we start new activities and when we start to feel that things aren’t quite correct. Much like this recent study shows, I suspect injuries would decrease and costs would decrease as well. Plus there is the bonus of feeling better when you are out being active.

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1Tuchin, P.J., 1998, Australasian Chiropractic and Osteopathy (ACO) Journal 7(1) pps.8-14.

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