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"Text neck" - Is it really a problem?

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"Text Neck" - Is it Really a Problem?Text neck affects the neck vertebrae

In a word, yes.

What is text neck?

Text neck is a term used to describe the pain and stiffness associated with the overuse of muscles in the upper back from looking down at your mobile device.  It is a rapidly growing issue among people using mobile phones, tablets and electronic devices. Simply stated, our neck muscles are not positioned correctly to support the head for long periods of time in the "forward tilted" position. The figure below shows the increasing amount of weight borne by the neck muscles when the head is tilted forward.

text neck and the weight of the head

Our heads are meant to be vertical. Holding your head in the forward position for an extended period of time puts strain on the neck muscles, possibly leading to more frequent headaches, neck pain, tingling or numbness in the arms.

Text Neck Affects Youth and Adults

This is a problem that is equally shared between youth and adults. The business world demands that employees are able to connect, perform research and communicate in an instantaneous manner. Lunch breaks may mean that workers are connecting, answering emails or solving problems using their mobile devices. This also means that the neck muscles are working for much longer periods of time, in an anatomically difficult position.

Find yourself getting headaches? Feeling tightness and pain in your neck and shoulders?

There are a few things to try at home and at work:

  1. Start taking breaks frequently.
  2. Look up!! And keep looking up until the neck muscles feel relaxed.
  3. Stretch the neck muscles by slowly and gently turning your head from right. Then move up/down, and on the diagonal.

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