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The importance of listening to your internal compass

Walk 10,000 steps per day” “Condition your heart” “Drink water” “Boot camp is best for body fitness” “Crossfit is the only way“Dance with the stars to lose weight and stay fit

In our culture, we are ceaselessly bombarded with information and images of perfection. This background noise may prevent us from hearing and following our internal compass of intention, setting realistic goals and achieving successes.

It is intention that creates our reality and our real goals and successes.

Intention: Finding the movement practice that most resonates with YOU.

Regardless of whether your intention is to strengthen, increase flexibility, improve balance, live pain-free, prehabilitation, rehabilitation, increase cardiovascular capactiy, or to improve the quality of your activities and sports.

We make it our goal at Health 4 Life Pilates and Chiropractic to support you to the full experience of your movement potential, and guide you as you listen to your internal compass and journey towards your very best health.

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Common questions that students ask at Pilates classes

Over the years I've noticed that new and returning students ask me the following questions. I hope that by sharing this information with you now, that you will be better able to "fit in fitness." I also acknowledge that every new pilates student has their own unique questions to ask - so please do ask us - it's all part of your learning!

What can I do if I am unable to make a class due to holidays or illness?

Contact the office for makeup options

I have an injury/I am doing rehabilitation work for an injury. Can I take Pilates?

Welcome back to Pilates classes and Health4Life

czech pilates

Hello, and welcome to new Pilates students. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

With a beautiful spring and early summer now behind us, we are moving into late summer and early fall. Everyone is starting to settle back into a routine.

Fall Classes are an important and successful way of realigning your body and loosening tight muscles after summertime activities.

The first classes in September will be aimed at slowly working out the knots and limbering the joints and muscles. WHY? To prevent injuries “Prehab not Rehab

In October and November classes, be ready to increase the pace! We will be using weights and elastic resistance bands to help increase joint mobility and muscle tone.

See you soon!

Keep breathing

Joan and Arienne

Joan Buna's all time top favorite fitness quotes

We hope you will enjoy these and that they may inspire you.


If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If your spine is flexible at 60, you are young.    Joseph Pilates


Your Pilates fitness is 100 percent mental.

Your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it

 mental fitness
 fat cells crying2

 Sweat is fat crying


What you do today can improve all your tomorrows


healthy pilates

Pilates class is not about being better than someone else......it is about being and feeling better than you used to feel








Choose the best class for you!

We now have three levels of classes – something to suit everyone’s fitness goals. Check out the descriptions and choose the one the sound the best for meeting your fitness goals and skills.

Level 1 Classes

This class introduces you to core strength, back strengthening and range of motion exercises. Ideal for a person new to Pilates, and for people recovering from an injury or surgery.

Building mental resilience helps build strength, fitness and flexibility

We might not want to acknowledge it, but it’s hard to ignore that our attitude in difficult or challenging situations often determines the outcome. I’ve heard it said that “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’ll be right.”resilience

As part of the New Year, many people begin new routines and regimens to improve their fitness and health. It is always sad when so many of these people abandon their fitness goals early into their challenge. I applaud all of you who have set a new challenges for yourself. It can be quite intimidating to start a new sport, a different workout, attempt a higher level of fitness, or take on a new fitness challenge.

What can you do to stick to your new challenge? How can you best get past feeling intimidated and set yourself up to succeed?

Looking for that special gift? Or new ideas?

Give the gift of renewed health!

Consider a gift certificate for pilates classes!

There are classes that fit the fitness level and needs of every person. Plus these gifts won't clutter up your home!

Want to indulge that special person? Consider a certificate for personal training sessions with Joan.

One-on-one training with Joan helps identify issues and maximize progress. Contact Joan to help decide what would best meet your person's needs.

Call our office for more information - 250 384 2412




intervertebral foramen

Joseph Pilates stated “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.” And he was right. Life is complicated and unpredictable. That’s what makes it interesting. To give yourself the best shot at avoiding injury, focus on a healthy spine.Because a healthy, flexible spine is less vulnerable to spontaneous and age related injury.

Vertebra provide a safe passage for spinal nerves

Today I am talking specifically about your lower back spine, known as the “lumbar spine.” The lumbar spine has 5 vertebrae just like the 5 tins of tuna I have in the studio. The vertebrae provide a “house” – a solid, protective structure, for your spinal cord and passage of spinal nerves. Spinal nerves branch off of the spinal cord through passage ways known as intervertebral foramen, providing signals to appropriate body parts (see Figure 1). The spinal nerves for the lower part of your pelvis and legs originate in the lumbar vertebrae.

a slumped posture will decrease strength and cause painCreating the Postural Habit with Pilates

Have you caught yourself slumping when you look at your reflection?

Many people believe that gaining strength is the most important goal for exercise. Proper alignment in the body is equally important when we move, walk or run. Our posture reflects the alignment of our skeleton.

 Energy Balls - the Healthy Energy Snack for Exercise

I want to share this recipe for Energy Balls. This is a great, healthy and yummy exercise snack for adults and kids who are on -the - go.

Perfect for taking with you on a day of golf, hiking, skiing or at the beach. Filled with protein, fats and good carbs, Energy Balls are a great exercise snack that helps nourish your body before and after activities, keeping you moving through all your ranges of motion.

Pilates - what will it do for me?

Health for Life Pilates and Chiropractic

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of over 500 controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. It is a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves pilates classposture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up. Pilates works several muscle groups simultaneously through smooth, continuous motion, with a particular concentration on strengthening and stabilizing the core (the abdomen, back and pelvic girdle region.)

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