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About Joan Buna

I am a comprehensively trained Stott and Balance Body Pilates instructor with 20 years of experience. My main goal is to empower new and seasoned individuals to thrive in their communities.  

I continue to be a lifelong student of Kinesiology with a focus in injury prevention and pre- and post-rehabilitation. I specialize in exercise progressions, core training, osteoporosis prevention, and surgical recovery through conservative interventions.

My diverse background and education lends to helping people navigate life situations, get fit, recover from injury and thrive. Thankfully, my super power is being able to see all the little pieces of a puzzle and help organize them into attainable goals.

My fitness journey began in the early 1990s when I decided to dedicate more time to my health and well-being. I received my strength training certificate and provided unique programs for individuals in my community. It was in 2003 when I began my Pilates journey started. I first received my Stott Pilates certificate and since then I have enhanced my education in Australia with Louise Solomon and with Balance Body. I have traveled all over the US taking courses in neurological conditions, orthopedic rehabilitation, balance disorders, fascial connectivity, and pain management. In 2019, I received my certificate in Raynor Naturopathic Massage to provide additional benefit to my Pilates clients to relieve tension and muscle tightness to reduce pain in their body. 
Over the course of my Pilates career, I have had the opportunity to train Olympic rowers, swimmers, and soccer players. I have also assisted individuals regain their strength and fitness after boating and motor vehicle accidents.  
I am versed in all Pilates equipment and props including the reformer, CoreAlign, MOTR, as well as body weight training, run mechanics and plyometric training.  
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