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What We Offer

If you're still unsure about what class is right for you, call us today and we'll be happy to help!


Pilates – Beginner

Mat Class All Levels

Designed for people relatively new to the Pilates technique, this class teaches the basic repertoire of Pilates - different postures and strategies for building strength and endurance with Pilates.You'll learn the key principles of Pilates exercise movements and be able to extend your practice at home.

The work out is slow and controlled. Participants can expect to leave a class feeling “worked” yet relaxed.


Pilates Fundamental

Beginner – Post Injury

For people who are not familiar with Pilates or those with some level of experience in need of a refresher. This class reviews the basic movement principles, including core stability, proper alignment, balance and stretching. This class provides a gentle workout that reinforces the essential concepts of Pilates. A great class for beginning again, or for post-injury recovery.


Pilates - Intermediate 

Mat Class with ½ hour Pilates Stretching

This is a more challenging workout which is appropriate for anyone who feels they have mastered the full essential movements in Pilates, and have strength, flexibility and stamina to integrate new intermediate exercises. Workout covers the full mat repertoire. The pace is considerably quicker for further increasing stamina, strength and co-ordination.


Private 1 on 1 Sessions

Personal Training with Joan

If you need personal attention Joan offers one on one personal training for clients wanting to enhance their sport, maintain healthy joints and spines. Once a program is planned this is achieved using both the equipment and mat exercises depending on your own personal needs.

*Available in person or virtually 

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