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Reclaim Your Health and Wellness

Shift your mind body movement and reconnect with your body!

Joan on the Oov. The OOV’s shape is its strength. This accessory holds your body in it's correct anatomical position while retraining your fascial-neurologic-muscular system to adjust the movement of your muscles and importantly helps you remember the correct alignment. You are naturally taught to effectively engage each part of the body based on the exercise being followed. Your ability to work all areas while maintaining good posture habits will become second nature to you. Its shape also does not allow you to recruit incorrect muscles.

Your exercise goals can only become more complete when aided by the OOV! Whats more you will relieve any back, shoulder or neck pain and become stronger, healthier and more focused upon your intended result.

This accessory is also very helpful in treating clients with scoliosis.

Fascial Movement Tom Myers, a leader in fascia and its effects on the body, talks of “Spatial Medicine”. Spatial medicine is the identification and treatment of fascial compensations to help realign the body closer to its ideal position. Pilates is a great example of treating the whole body and not just the “single muscle” idea.  Research clearly shown that you get a better training of the fascial body by working these long chains of muscle instead of working individual muscles, such as most workout machines do. The key to relieving chronic pain is often to release harmful physical patterns and replace them with healthier ones. When we reduce unnecessary tension in the soft tissues in the body, it has tremendous implications for the whole structure — not just our body, but our extended body-mind as well. That is the way that Josef Pilates thought. Here is a link to Tom Myers talking about fascia:


POINTS TO PONDER Do you train your Fascial/Muscular system in your body ......or do you strain your body = overuse=injury Pilates is a whole body Mind-Fascial-Muscular system Come train your body with me and not strain it. Fascia - controls the muscle Neuro system - fires the brain YOU are the teacher/not the exercise

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