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A little over 6 years ago Joan Buna was recommended to me by a physiotherapist. Since that time I have been having private sessions with Joan and attending her level 1 classes. She has a vast knowledge of the body's structure and how it should move. Not only is Joan a good instructor, she has a pleasant and caring personality.


- Doris W

Joan is an excellent instructor. She always explains each exercise and is continually taking courses to augment her already vast knowledge. While I don't have specific body concerns I find the varied routines beneficial in spite of my active life style biking, hiking, kayaking etc. Very worthwhile. Nice people too!

- Connie H

I was reffered to Joan by the doctor from the pain clinic at the Royal jubilee Hospital. At the time I was 10 out of 10 pain all day long in my back and in my left leg. After 4 sessions with Joan I had already had a reduction in my pain level. I have seen Joan once or twice a week for the last year and a half. I have no pain now in my lower back or in my leg. Periodically after a long walk or a long day standing on my feet I get muscle stiffness and tiredness in my lower back. After a session with Joan this discomfort is gone. Thank you very much Joan.

- Grace L

I have nothing but good things to say about Joan and Mike, and their clinic. I came to them in a very rough place about a year ago -- coming off almost five years of chronic pain and impinged movement, in addition to the exhaustion and weariness that comes with that. I was 20 years old at the time, and was resigned to having lost the freedom that should have come with that youth.


These wonderful people have changed that. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t instantaneous, but with their care and efforts, I’ve regained so much of my lost function and freedoms. The dread of leaving my bed for the pain of the day, adamantly denying myself trying anything new for fear of making myself worse, those days have been laid to rest. I can’t thank Joan and Mike enough.

-Elliot B

After 2 major surgeries within 3 months, personal training and weekly pilates classes with Joan assisted me to rehabilitate wasted muscles and gain strength and flexibility in a short period of time. Left to my own devices, my recovery would have been much longer and it wouldn't have been half as much fun.


Now I am continuing to reap the benefits as pain is reduced, stress is managed and my degree of fitness increases beyond pre-surgery levels. Joan's coaching has given me a new body awareness that is helping me to minimize bone loss (I'm over 50), avoid injury and improve posture. Joan's unique combination of meditative focus, stretching and strength exercise really works well for body, mind and spirit!

Thanks to private and group sessions with Joan, I have been able to correct many of my postural problems that evolved following bunion surgery to my feet, knee surgery (torn cartilage) and years of conditioning faux paws in the gym.


I now have greater flexibility in my metatarsals and ankles which has greatly improved my knee issues. I also have more flexibility in my thoracic spine.

I am pleased to say, that overall I feel I have greater flexibility, balance, mobility and range of motion since incorporating Pilates into my cross training regime.

I am able to integrate what I have learned in my body as I participate in the other activities that I enjoy such as cycling and running. My body responds incredibly well to Pilates and it has been a pleasure working with Joan on this journey to better fitness and wellness.

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