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Pilates on Tour – Continuing Education for Pilates Professionals

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

The human body is your greatest instrument. You don’t get another one so it’s ideal to always put your best foot forward (possibly into a lunging series?) Our highly respected and intelligent Pilates instructors are away participating in their continuing education, and this weekend, that takes them to Phoenix, Arizona. At this time last year, Joan and Arienne were absorbing an extraordinary amount of valuable knowledge from a highly-regarded instructor by the name of Chrissy Romani-Ruby. Chrissy’s knowledge, along with their exposure to her unique and sought-after teachings will make for unforgettable experiences.

In this year’s course, Joan and Arienne will learn the most research about spine movement and loads, as well as strategies for integrating their new knowledge into their Pilates classes here at Health4Life Centre. Given that our bodies change continuously in response to life’s experiences, and that the spine is vital for posture and participating in different types of activities, understanding how to support and maintain spinal health is essential for a healthy life. When Joan and Arienne return, they will be spreading their new knowledge about spinal health and a refreshed outlook based on their courses this weekend. We will miss them in their absence, but are extremely grateful for them and excited about their journey over the next few days!

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